Goodbye My Childhood Dream

Welcome to my first blog piece :) - I wrote below my first ever poem (in fact still the only one to date) in March last year and it was about letting go of my childhood dream.  

It was not an easy topic to write or even ponder upon, as aren't we all meant to follow our childhood dream, instead of letting it go, right?  

Yet in my case, my childhood dream of working in international law did not become a reality.  When I left Geneva after finishing my masters degree in International Law, I was disheartened and confused with my life to say the least. 

I had to look deep within - what is the genuine dream of that young girl? What did she really desire to do? Why did she want to become a lawyer?

That was the moment I realized that my childhood dream was not so much about 'becoming a lawyer' or working in a particular field.  Rather, it was a desire to have joy and to help others.  

However, with her best intention, that younger version of me simply thought being a lawyer would be the best way to fulfill her dream of bringing joy and change to others. 

Once I became aware of the subtle yet profound difference between the substance of my dream (bringing joy and helping others) and the form of the dream (becoming a lawyer), I let go of the stubborn attachment to how my dream can be manifested.  And I became free. 

I embarked on a journey of finding a new way to fulfill the essence of my childhood dream, which resonates with who I am now, and reflects the lessons gained from all my life's experiences.

Then, here you are, Peace Lab was born. 

Maybe for some of us, letting go of an older version of the dream is not the end, but just a new beginning.  Be guided by your genuine intention, the "WHY", not the form and how that dream may come about as you may be suprised how far life can take you. 

PS: I am still working as a part time lawyer. But because of Peace Lab, I enjoy my lawyer job a lot more than before, and I am grateful for being able to use both my intellectual and intuitive brains now. 


Goodbye My Childhood Dream

Goodbye my Childhood Dream, thank you for taking me to where I am now.

Without you, I would not have ventured so far; I used to think, in achieving you, I shall become full.

But now I know, now I know better, in the process of reaching you, I become whole.

Oh, my Childhood Dream, you are not my final destination, but my holy journey.

In pursuing you, I know my inner strength;

In following you, I know my real essence;

In embracing you, I know my true power;

Yet, in letting go of you, I can birth anew.

You laughed at me for my 'perceived' failure in not realizing you as how I expected.

You tapped on my shoulder, like a loving guardian angel, gently whispering:

"Your true dream is, through the kingdom of imagination, to be Courageous, to be Brave, to be Adventurous,

So you can Explore, Dance and Sing in this grand sojourn that we call Life.

To be Alive, to be Joyful, to be Peace and to be Love are your true childhood dream.

This is the dream bestowed upon you when you took your first breath, when you first opened your eyes to greet your parents, when you first smiled at that ray of sunshine."

Thank you - my Childhood Dream, without you, I would not be writing these words, I would not be searching for you in the clouds and in the sky, and I would not stop to simply just be.

Finally, without you, I would not have the faith to let you go;

Without you, I would not have the trust in making a new dream each and every day, living fully in the presence of life's wisdom.

Thank you my Childhood Dream, for all the experiences you have brought me;

Goodbye my Childhood Dream, it is time for a new dawn.

Every path leads to the same destination eventually - be present with who you are now!

Every path leads to the same destination eventually - be present with who you are now!