Human BEING or Human DOING?

"Are you a human BEING or a human DOING?"

This is the question I ask the most during my workshops, and truthfully I believe the most important one. 

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us have developed a tendency of constantly doing things. In this process of striving, competing and doing, somehow we seem to find more comfort in always being "busy" instead of finding time to truly relax, or just be.  

The concept of Non-Doing/Being is essential to the Chinese wisdom philosophy of Taoism (道). In the book of Tao De Jing (道德经) written by Lao Zi (老子) over 2,500 years ago, there is a perplexing verse simply stating "Doing and Non-Doing"(为无为). It highlights the importance of finding a balance between doing and non-doing (or simply a state of being).  

But why is it important to stop doing and be? 

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."  - Albert Einstein

Yes I believe the greatest physicist of our time - Einstein may have some insight into resolving the conundrum of "Doing and Non-Doing" posed by Lao Zi, because the state of mind/consciousness from which your action is taken is important. 

In a state of "Being", we can take time to recharge, reflect and then cultivate genuine intentions, thoughts and emotions for inspired actions. Without such a period of "Non-Doing", we are busy doing for the sake of doing.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and quietly ask yourself:

Am I taking actions out of impatience, fear, insecurity or competition?


Am I taking actions from a place of inspiration, ease, trust and purpose?

You may also wish to reflect upon your own experiences, consider whether your state of mind has made a difference even if the same actions are taken?  If you have some urgent actions/doing this week, imagine you take actions/doing from a stressful mindset and then compare to the same actions but taken from a confident and calm mindset, and observe which one you would prefer. 

In Being, your Doing becomes more purposeful, more intentional and naturally more productive. 

So this week, I invite you to experiment being a human "BEING" again. If you find yourself in the old pattern of busying "doing" mode again, just kindly reminder yourself:

" I am a human BEING".