We believe organisations are the sum total of individuals' shared beliefs, attitudes and emotions.  Any positive organisational changes start with the overall well-being of their people, by helping them gain more clarity, think more creatively, feel more supported and connect more deeply. 

If you are looking for a different way to increase the productivity of your employees, to boost creativity and innovation, to enhance empathy and resilience within your business, and to create a more cohesive and connected working environment, then Peace Lab would love to work with you. Together, we will co-create tailor-made workshops and programmes just for your organisations.

A) Themed Workshops

For businesses, schools and organisations, we specialize in curating experiential and tailor-made workshops to suit your needs. Subject to our discussions with you, we can focus on various themes such as (to name a few):

  • How to manage stress better;

  • How to stay focused and gain clarity;

  • How to increase emotional intelligence;

  • How to improve relationships;

  • How to be more joyful;

  • How to be authentic leaders.

B) Workplace Programme

For organisations that are committed to achieving more sustainable and lasting transformation, we work with our clients to design purposeful workplace programme (ranging from 3-9 weeks) to achieve more sustained and long-term positive effects for your team. This helps to translate personal well-being to better performance and productivity of the team.



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Who: These classes are designed for the members of the legal profession, especially those who are curious and interested in finding more balance in work and life, and those who are keen to find an alternative path to achieve success. (https://www.liv.asn.au) (https://www.vicbar.com.au)
Main Themes: neuroplasticity, transfomation, resilience, positive leadership, mindfulness
1. Foundation Workshop: Beginner's Mind, Neuro-plastic Brain

2. How to Become Self-Aware: Non-Doing Workshop

3. How to Connect to Yourself: Befriend Yourself Workshop

4. How to Cultivate Empathy and Agility: Being Like Water Workshop

5. How to Lead Others with Positivity: Why SO Serious Workshop

6. Concluding Workshop


Australia - China Youth Dialogue (Beijing) 2017


Who: high-potential emerging leaders from Australia and China (www.acyd.org.au)
Main Themes: mindfulness, resilience, emotional intelligence, positive leaderships
1. Experiment of Non-Doing: through a specially designed creative meditation, the delegates learned to appreciate the concept of "non-doing" that is central to the ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy.  Instead of blindly doing, let our actions be guided and inspired by a healthy state of well-being.
2. Experiment of Positive Mind:  through unique play and laughter exercises, the delegates became aware of their internal dialogue, and learned how to better lead and motivate others through laughter and smile, the most universal positive emotion of all.


Peace Lab workshop starts at 3:40


Melbourne Law School (Melbourne) 2017


Who: high functioning law students under high-pressure (www.law.unimelb.edu.au)
Main Themes: stress management, negative self-talk, self-compassion and self-acceptance
6-Week Laughter Zen Programme: We curated a 6-week programme designed for law students and lawyers who according to research have a higher propensity for negative thinking. We focused on physical, mental and emotional health, and gradually shifted from self criticism to self compassion, from competitiveness to collaboration with self and others through specially designed laughter, play and creative meditation exercises.


anl container line pty ltd (Melbourne) 2017


Who: corporate employees working in a fast-paced global shipping line (www.anl.com.au)
Main Themes: stress management, team bonding, creative thinking
Stress Management through Laughter Zen Playshop: we ran a fun "play-shop" (not another standard workshop) to share simple and effective ways to manage stress through the act of deep breathing, smiling and laughing. We created play and laughter exercises that are peculiar to the maritime industry and the corporate environment they are working in.