Instead of trying to Make Sense of everything,
           why not simply Make Peace with everything?


Everyone defines peace differently and we often have varied experiences from each other.  So, rather than focusing on what peace is, Peace Lab focuses on the "Act of Making Peace" to help you come closer to your own version of peace.

This is why we invite you to experiment with Creative Meditation and Laughter Yoga, so you can give yourself the permission, time and space to release, relax and reconnect with yourself.  You don't have to understand nor make sense with what is going on in the sessions, but simply allow yourself to be there and enjoy as much as you can.

The more you partake in Creative Meditation and Laughter Yoga, the easier it becomes for you to experience stillness, presence, joy and connection even outside such sessions. 

The natural next step therefore is that we encourage you (of course when you are ready) to take the "Act of Making Peace" beyond Peace Lab, experimenting with "Making Peace" with whatever experiences life is throwing at you (the beautiful, the ugly, the chaos and the spectacular) . 

When we start to "Make Peace" with life, we grow our trust in the wisdom and lessons offered by each life experience.  We are not in a constant hurry to always do, push or force things.  Instead, we can spend more time on being, and allow life to happen to us and for us. Then, new wonders of life shall be revealed to us.

宁静致远 (níng jìng zhì yuǎn)
with equanimity one can see afar