Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

This is how It all started...

As a young girl, I often day-dreamed of changing the world and making a positive impact on others.  Having read stories about many world's most famous change-makers such as Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela who were all lawyers, somehow the younger "I" decided also being a lawyer would be the best path to fulfill my dreams.

After many years of studying and then working as a lawyer, in 2013 I moved to Geneva Switzerland to undertake a master degree in International Law.  I thought I was so close to my childhood dream.

Yet, it was there and then I realised that my dream no longer resonated with me. 

In the midst of confusion, I saw clearly my childhood dream was never about just being a lawyer.  Instead, it was a strong desire to help others and to create more joy.  Once I became aware of the subtle yet profound difference between the substance of my dream (bringing joy and helping others) and the form of the dream (becoming a lawyer), I let go of the stubborn attachment to how my dream can be manifested.  And I became free.

Then, here you are, Peace Lab was born.  It was created to experiment new ways of cultivating well-being, positive mindset and deeper human connections for all.  

The creation story of Peace Lab begins with an ending, and becomes a story of letting go and surrendering in order to truly receive. 

May you be experimental with life, so you can find the most authentic expression of who you truly are each day!

Elva Zhang
Founder & Chief Experimenter of Peace Lab