ZEN Experiment - Creative Meditation with Elva

I strongly believe that everyone can meditate but it does take time.

Just come with a beginner's mind, leaving behind all the expectations or attachments. 

In a creative meditation session, I will guide you with a sense of compassion, sensitivity and authenticity. 

Together, we will embark on a journey within so you can have some time just for yourself, be yourself and by yourself. 


LAUGHTER Experiment - Playfully Laughing with Elva

When conducting laughter & play sessions, I invite you to dispense your pre-conceived ideas as to when and how we should laugh, and encourage you to drop your worldly seriousness just for a short while. 

Instead, bring your curiosity, your willingness and your desire for fun.

I will take you on a journey of play, joy, lots of 'inhalation and exhalation' and belly laughter.  Together, we will remember how we used to play as children again - why SO serious?