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LIV Foundation Workshop: Beginner's Mind, Neuro-plastic Brain

  • Date: Monday, 6 May 2019

  • Time: 5.30–7.30pm

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The brain takes the shape whatever the mind focuses upon – Dr Rick Hanson

Because of the risk/problem focused nature of legal work, lawyers may have developed a mental habit of “negativity bias”, and the legal minds may have been wired neurologically for a higher propensity for stress and negativity.

However, what if we can re-wire our brain by changing our mind?

In the past scientists used to think that human brains become hardwired once we are adults. However, thanks to the new discoveries in neuroscience, now we know that our human brain is rather plastic.   According to neuroplasticity, neurons that “fire together, wire together”.  Repeated mental activities (sustained thinking and belief patterns) result in repeated neural activity, which eventually cause neurological changes to the brain.