Peace Revolution -

Seek peace in Stillness, in Joy and in the Living of our everyday life

Welcome to "Peace Lab 静" (pronounced as 'jìng' in Mandarin Chinese, which may be interpreted as 'equanimity and peace') - a "laboratory" to experiment different ways of finding inner peace and more joy.

In today's fast-paced world, stress has become an inherent component of the modern day living.  Have we just become far too serious with life itself - working exceedingly hard so you can get that promotion, searching everywhere to find that perfect partner or doing everything you possibly can to buy that beautiful home ...

Somehow in the process of trying, competing and striving, we are overwhelmed by stress, crippled by anxiety or even consumed by fear.  For some of us, we even forget how to laugh, how to play and how to have fun in our lives.

If the above rings true to you, then, we are so pleased that you have found Peace Lab!  At Peace Lab we firmly believe that whilst seriousness may have its place in the running of today's world, an overdose of seriousness is however unnecessary

Most of the time, life unfolds in a way that is beyond our control and expectations.  So life in and of itself may not really be the cause of the problem; rather it is how we react and respond to our life situations that determine whether we may struggle or succeed. 

To weather through this seemingly chaotic world today, we really need More Peace, Laughter, Play and Joy.

So, we are starting a Peace Revolution to make the world a less stressful and less serious place by offering various "experiments" for all to participate and explore.  We synthesis techniques inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom with modern Western science, and we simply explore and experiment:

1. tailor-made Creative Meditation sessions - "Me Time"

2. uniquely fun Laughter Yoga sessions - "Why So Serious"

3. integrated Creative Meditation and Laughter Yoga - "Laughter Zen Playshop"

Welcome again and look forward to sharing our peace seeking journeys together!

Creative meditation

Through Creative Meditation, we experiment with seeking peace in stillness and in quiet reflection, but also in movements and in uplifting music.  We explore releasing stress by surrendering to the flow of each breathing moment.

Laughing yoga

Through Laughter Yoga, we experiment with simply laughing for the pure joy of laughing, whilst releasing stale air in our physical body.  As a result, we often feel more rejuvenated physically, more present mentally and joyful emotionally.  

Laughter zen playshop

Laughter Zen Playshop combines Laughter Yoga and Creative Meditation into one fun and reflective session.  We are able to experience the joy of childlike playfulness and also enjoy moments of heartful inner connection with ourselves.