Peace Lab is committed to an innovative approach to cultivate well-being, create positive mindset and explore human potential through laughter yoga, play and creative meditation.


Welcome to Peace Lab 静 (pronounced as "jing" meaning equanimity and peace in Mandarin Chinese). 

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Guided by an experimental spirit, Peace Lab specialises in curating experiential workshops and programmes that are fun yet reflective, playful yet purposeful, through laughter yoga, play and creative meditation. 

At its core, Peace Lab synthesises ancient Eastern wisdom teachings (such as Taoism, Buddhism and yoga traditions) with new discoveries from contemporary Western science (such as theories from neuroplasticity). 

We catalyse and support meaningful transformation for individuals and organisations to manage stress, improve productivity, increase emotional intelligence, boost creativity and strengthen connections.

A purpose-driven start-up, we work with businesses of all sizes, higher education institutions, conference organisers, and conduct public classes and provide one on one private guidance and support. 


For organisations

We curate tailor-made experiential workshops/programmes for businesses, organisations and schools.

For public

We welcome all to join our fun public classes, and also to participate in our unique Peace Lab experiments.

"Be Experimental "

- Peace Lab

For 1 on 1

We create personalised sessions for those who seek to gain clarity, purpose and deeper understandings of life.